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The Meraux Foundation strives to work together to bring St. Bernard Parish back and make it better than ever as a place to live, work, play, and visit.

-Rita O. Gue, President of the Arlene and Joseph Meraux Foundation

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People often ask, “What is Docville?”

Docville is a farm in St. Bernard Parish named after Dr. Louis Meraux that stretches from the Mississippi River all the way to Lake Borgne, occupying well over 700 acres. The farm house, resurrected after the hurricanes of 2005, contains many of the Meraux family artifacts.

Today, over 130 acres of Docville has been designated as an educational learning center, hosting art series, workshops, as well as a number of special events to promote youth leadership and to celebrate our senior citizens. It has also played host to several twilight concerts and parties for community groups.

Ms. Arlene Meraux was personally involved in promoting education, and since her death in 2003, we are determined to carry on what Ms. Arlene began, and with resilience and God’s blessing, will continue into perpetuity.

So Docville isn’t really a place, but rather a tribute and a wonderful monument to the Meraux family.

Rita Gue,
President of the Meraux Foundation