When Arlene Meraux founded the Meraux Foundation, she asked her niece Rita to manage it with a simple guiding principle: to ensure that the land resources that Arlene transferred to the Foundation would be used to improve the quality of life in St. Bernard.

Some key issues were very close to Arlene’s heart, such caring for seniors and helping children. Today, guided by Arleneʼs vision, the Meraux Foundation maintains those priorities, and is implementing innovative strategies to create lasting positive change for the entire community.

All of the Foundationʼs actions meet five key criteria, they must:

  1. Align with Arleneʼs vision. She cared deeply for those who needed someone to look out for them — particularly the elderly, children, and animals.
  2. Adhere to our strategic vision. The Foundationʼs decisions have widespread implications on the community, and every issue is dynamic. As such, the Foundation considers many factors when making decisions, from how they will affect property values to how they might impact the local economy. The Foundation adheres to its strategy to make certain that its finite resources have the greatest impact.
  3. Have lasting effects. In order to make St. Bernardʼs future bright, the Foundationʼs actions seek to have long-term effects that are sustainable — that our kids and grandkids can enjoy.
  4. Yield significant returns on investment. The Foundation looks for opportunities to add value and leverage resources to create an end result that is greater than the sum of all its parts.
  5. Improve the quality of life in the parish.

With these five criteria in mind, the Foundation has been able to make great strides toward fulfilling Arleneʼs vision.

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