February 28, 2014

Vision & Strategy

When Arlene Meraux founded the Meraux Foundation, she asked her niece Rita to manage it with a simple guiding principle: to ensure that the land resources that Arlene transferred to the Foundation would be used to improve the quality of life in St. Bernard.

To fulfill its mission, the Foundation is implementing a master strategy according to the following:

  1. Priorities: Founder Arlene Meraux held some special issues close to her heart, and the Meraux Foundation honors those today as its priorities.
    • Children and Education
    • Senior Issues
    • Culture and Heritage
    • Economic Development
    • Environment and Habitat
    • Quality of Life

  2. Criteria: To ensure that its work is strategic and addressing the priorities, the Meraux Foundation has established criteria that all programs must meet.
    • Has Long-Term Effects
    • Yields Significant Return on Investment
    • Adds Value to the Master Strategy
    • Addresses One or More Priorities
    • Adheres to Arlene Meraux’s Vision

  3. Program Areas: Addressing one or more of the priorities and meeting the criteria, the Meraux Foundation’s work is focused in five key program areas designed to fulfill its mission.

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