June 21, 2019

Meraux Foundation Supports the Louisiana State Troopers Association

The Meraux Foundation announced a sponsorship to the Louisiana State Troopers Association’s Troop B affiliate (LSTA) following a ceremony on Friday.

Rob Mire, the affiliate president, said that LSTA provides assistance to troopers in times of need, such as when they experience “cancer, job injuries, devastation of property, and other life challenges.” He said that the funds raised help “fill in gaps of need as cadets become troopers and eventually retirees.”

The Meraux Foundation is proud to support the Troopers and other first responders who help keep St. Bernard Parish safe.

According to LSTA, “[a]fter the shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge in July 2016, donations through Troopers Charities raised enough money to provide level four ballistic vests to every member of the Louisiana State Police. These vests provide protection against high-powered rifle rounds. The LSTA continues to provide these vests to cadets as they graduate and become troopers.”

The Meraux Foundation is also a proud supporter of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office. It has donated to the Reserve Division, a volunteer group that supplements the work of the Sheriff’s Office without pay, and it donated land for a new sheriff’s substation on Paris Rd., which allows the Sheriff’s Office to monitor traffic entering and exiting the Parish.

Floyd Gue, a Meraux Foundation board member, expressed his gratitude for the Troopers and Sheriff’s Office deputies, saying, “St. Bernard is a tight-knit, safe community, and that’s due in large part to your heroic work.”

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