Meraux Marketing Guidelines

In order to ensure that the Meraux Foundation’s mission and grants are represented to the community appropriately, we have developed the following marketing guidelines for your use. These guidelines also help to ensure that the Foundation is able to catalogue its impact on the community and share news with its network of partners and beneficiaries.

We appreciate your agreement to work together and cooperate in good faith in connection with the design, approval, preparation, and production of all marketing regarding your program.

1. Logo Placement

The Meraux Foundation logo must be included on all collateral material (e.x.: signage, brochures, flyers) pertaining to the projects that the Meraux Foundation supports. The level of recognition should be commensurate with the value of the Foundation’s grant. The level of recognition must be agreed upon prior to the grant award.

Please use the high-resolution electronic logo file found here:

Meraux Foundation Logo – White
Download EPS File

Meraux Foundation Logo – Black
Download EPS File

In order to preserve the readability of the logo, no other logos, type or other graphic elements should crowd its immediate area. The minimum clear space required around the logotype is equal to 1/2 of the height of the logotype.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.34.01 AM

The logo must measure at least one inch in size at a minimum.

Use the Meraux Foundation logo in a black and white color scheme, or apply a white or black mark to a neutral background. Contrast is important, so never use a white logo against a lighter grey background, or a black logo against a darker grey.

The Meraux Foundation must provide approval on the design of all materials that include the Meraux Foundation logo.

2. Press Releases and Promotions

Any press or promotional materials regarding projects to which the Meraux Foundation is a contributor should include mention of the Foundation’s support, but not necessarily the value of the contribution. Please work with the Foundation to develop the appropriate verbiage.

Prior to finalizing and distributing any marketing materials (press releases, flyers, news stories, newsletters) about a project to which the Meraux Foundation has made a significant contribution, please share it with the Meraux Foundation at least two weeks before the materials are needed for the Foundation’s review, feedback, and approval.

3. Special Events and Press Conferences

Any special event or press conference regarding projects to which the Meraux Foundation is a contributor (e.x. ribbon cutting, groundbreaking, media event), the Foundation should be recognized and potentially included in the speaking program.

Notify the Meraux Foundation of plans for the special event or press conference at least one month prior to the event to work together to plan the Foundation’s involvement.

4. Website and Digital Media

The Meraux Foundation logo must be included on partner web pages pertaining sponsorships or to the projects that the Meraux Foundation supports. Please adhere to the same guidelines as “1. Logo Placement.”

The logo on web pages should be hyperlinked to the Foundation’s website:

The Foundation can be tagged on social media, using: Facebook: @Docville.Farm and twitter: @DocvilleFarm

5. Naming Rights

Naming rights may be involved in instances where the Meraux Foundation has made a significant contribution to a project (e.x.: Startup St. Bernard “Presented by the Meraux Foundation”, The Arlene Meraux Elementary School). Under these circumstances, the grantee and the Foundation will work together to determine:

  • Name
  • Building Signage (if applicable)
  • Production and Installation




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