December 11, 2014

Waters to the Sea® Mississippi River Delta Educational Initiative

The Waters to the Sea® Mississippi River Delta Educational Initiative will offer professional development experiences for St. Bernard teachers and enrich learning for students through a focus on Mississippi River delta education. The Initiative will include three elements: a three-day Mississippi River Delta Institute for educators to be held each of the next three years at Docville Farm, an interactive multimedia learning program about the Delta’s natural and cultural history, and a teacher exchange program between St. Bernard Parish public schools and two school districts in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.

The teacher exchange program will take place in St. Bernard Parish in the summer of 2015 at the Meraux Foundation’s Docville Farm in Violet, La. That event will include a delegation of teachers from Minnesota and, in subsequent years, from elsewhere in the United States. These professional development experiences will elevate St. Bernard’s position as a center for education on river deltas.


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