The Foundation has made significant contributions to education in St. Bernard, including awarding more than 720 scholarships valued at $2.2 million, granting $1.8 million to develop the Cultural Arts Center of Chalmette High School, annually sponsoring the St. Bernard Performing Arts Academy, and supporting scores of educational programs. The Foundation also hosts a number of student programs at its Docville Farm campus, including LSU’s AgMagic on the River and the Chalmette Key Club’s Boo at the Barn.

To lend a helping hand to the next generation of the St. Bernard community, the Meraux Foundation awards 50 scholarships based on academic achievement, four based on artistic accomplishment, and six for vocational school.

Meraux Foundation Scholarships FAQs

1. Who is eligible for a Meraux Foundation Scholarship?

The Meraux Foundation makes scholarships available to seniors graduating from St. Bernard Parish public high schools.  In order to be eligible for consideration for this scholarship, students must have been in school for four years.

2. What is the value of the Meraux Foundation Scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded for $1000 per year, for four years, as long as the student completes 18 college credit hours per academic year and maintains a 2.0 GPA (unadjusted) on a 4.0 scale in college.

3. What are the requirements regarding the institutions the scholarship recipient must attend?

The recipient must attend an accredited 2- or 4-year college/university program, a Louisiana Technical School, or any Meraux Foundation approved seminaries. Any exceptions to the above list of institutions must be approved by the Meraux Foundation.

4. Are scholarship recipients allowed to transfer to different approved institutions during the academic year?

A. Students may enroll in different approved institutions during the academic year; however, the studentʼs cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0 at all institutions attended at the completion of the academic year and a minimum of 18 credit hours must be earned at the conclusion of academic the academic year.
B. In order to ensure timely transfer of scholarship funds, students must notify the Scholarship Administrator of the transfer, in writing, at

5. Do students have to reapply each year to continue to receive their award?

A. Annually, the Foundation Scholarship administrator will verify prior academic year standards to ensure continuance of the award.
B. By July 1, the recipient must submit an official transcript from all institutions attended during the academic year to:

The Meraux Foundation Scholarship Administrator
P.O. Box 8875
New Orleans, LA, 70182

6. Where should questions be directed?

Any questions regarding the maintenance of the scholarship should be directed to the Meraux Foundation Scholarship Administrator at

7. Is there any allowance for extenuating circumstances?

A. A committee will be formed to allow for extenuating circumstances. In the case of a student who has fallen ill and is unable to complete his/her 18 credit hours in an academic year or a student that has an accident preventing him/her of earning a 2.0 cumulative GPA in an academic year. This committee would hear these types of appeals with proper documentation and render a decision about continuing eligibility.
B. All requests for appeal must be submitted, in writing, to the Meraux Foundation Scholarship Administrator at Once the request is received, the Scholarship Administrator will contact the recipient regarding submission of required documentation.

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